it is simple and profitable with us
CASHBERY – a marketplace that matches investors and borrowers on global arena

Distributed credit chain ICO is a new trend in the micro-loan industry

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CASHBERY – this is a meeting point for investors and borrowers

The unique mechanism for interaction of investors and borrowers in one place

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High return on investment fund

and security of your investments – the fundamental grounds of Cashberry platform

Give loans to reliable borrowers and make money on it

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Give loans
with revenue
up to 600% per annum

up to 20%
on the affiliate program

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Career Development Program
for leaders:

Build a career in our company and make
up to 3 000 000 rubles per month or more

Get extra:
  • Managerial bonuses – Commission for cumulative volume of invite investments. As your team grows, your income and status in the company grow.
  • Director bonuses – Get commission for reached monthly plan, fulfill conditions and make more.

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Multilevel affiliate program

Invite friends and acquaintances and get bonuses
Friends will be thankful, as well as us too.

Commissions are paid up to 5 levels, which allows you to earn not only on your personal activity but also on the activity of your partners.

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How is it possible
to make money here?

Issue microloans and time loans to individuals with a return of up to 200% per annum
Issue loans to small, medium-sized businesses and finance under collateral with guaranteed income rate up to 265% per annum
Invest to our own cryptocurrency CashberyCoin
Invest to the Crypto currency with a return up to 550% per annum


The financial-investment holding Cashbery is a symbiosis of a large number of companies that interact with each other for the benefit of ordinary people. The holding includes such areas of business as trading on the world's largest ICO stock exchanges, mutual crediting, bidding for bankruptcy, trading in the Forex market and Wellness industry.

Arthur Vardanyan is the head and headliner of Cashbery. He is a business coach, financial analyst, successful businessman, and philanthropist.

At the moment, Cashbery Holding is developing around the world and offers opportunities for profitable investment in the many legitimate businesses that the holding company leads.

Cashbery offers broad opportunities for the active leaders of the MLM industry to realize themselves in building command structures and earning serious revenues.

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